These are the Arcade Games i have.

Working and Nonworking Arcade Games.
Homemade Arcade Cabinet Atari Tempest Cabaret Midway Seawolf
This is a homemade cabinet with
6 games in it.
1.Donkey Kong
I Bought Tempest by swapping
my Midway Clowns and some money.
It is in very good shape but had a
bad solder in the powersupply. I have also recapped the monitor.
SeaWolf is also Midway game that easily breaks down. This one has some slight problems with the audio amp, and the targeting system. Sometimes when aiming to the right the torpedoes come from the left
Williams EM Flotilla US Billiard's Shark Desert Patrol
Flotilla is an all electromechanical game. It works but the timer doesn't always work, need a new rubber cone for the timer. This game is HUGE, almost 2x2x1.5m and the wheight is maybe 200kg. Shark is a really boring game. It has no CPU or ROMS, it is completey built with TTL circuits and is a Black&White game.
I'm considering converting this one with a modified 28" Luxor (see links about how to convert tv's)
Desert Patrol from PSE is also a non CPU&ROM game. It has a vibrating machinegun to aim for flying planes. It was really cool, but unfortunately broke down because of a faulty powersupply. So i guess most TTL are gone. One hell of a work to get it going again.
Gottlieb Vulcan 1977 Konami-Century Hypersports Unknown German Cab
Gottlieb Vulcan from 1977 bought nonworking for 500Skr. Now works after cleaning of relays , contacts & changing of rubbers and lamps. Konami/Century Hypersports. It has a converted Luxor TV as monitor. Got it real cheap with 2 extra games, a broken Final Fight and a working Flying Shark (except ram error which now is fixed). This is a German Cab? Originally with no Jamma connections. I have now converted it to Jamma. It also had a bad Hantarex MTC900 monitor (haven't got it to work) so i modified a 20" old Scantic (Luxor) TV. The description how i did the conversion can you find under links. I got this cab with 3 games. Commando, Bomb Jack and Rush'n'Crash. Commando had a ram error which i fixed.

Other stuff i have:
Not much else but some broken boards and stuff.
But i DO have som Seawolf cabinets over, and an extra Desert Patrol cab.

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